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sabato 10 giugno 2017


Good morning and well found, do you like bags? Essential items indispensable for us women in the bag, we carry with us everything we need during the day

Turning on the web I came across a new site that has bags of all kinds and summer or winter colors, really a very well stocked site I'm talking about Baginning here you can see the various styles of bags that the site offers, the manufacture is excellent and really beautiful bags

In particular, having to attend a ceremony I was struck by this model of evening bags

Evening clutches are the new party dress. No one wants to hold the bag too heavy for the party, so what you need is just an evening bag to carry something you need.

Very elegant evening bags in various colors

These bags are dream-like, truly worthy of a princess, elegant and luminous will make any of your gown beautiful especially suitable for important ceremonies

What is more elegant and regal than the blue color for a ceremony look at how beautiful these bags are all characterized by the color blue and embellished with stones and rhinestones

Have you seen how beautiful these bags are? if you like it visit the site

4 commenti:

  1. Anonimo6/10/2019

    Beautiful these very elegant ceremony bags

  2. Anonimo6/10/2019

    Mi serviva una borsa da cerimonia ed ho visto questo sito sono davvero stupende queste borse mi piacciono molto quelle blu sono cosi eleganti...

  3. Anonimo6/10/2019

    Ciao, quante belle borse ha questo sito, belle anche le pochette che hai mostrato, bel post

  4. Molto belle le borse che ci presenti, non conoscevo il sito, andrò a sbirciare magari ha anche il mio genere.